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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
William PerryA twelve year old boy who faked possession in order to get attention and gifts. He would have violent fits and vomit a variety of objects.(46)The boy returning home from fchoole, to Bilson in Staffordshire, where he dwelt, an old woman, unknowne, met him, and taxed him, in that he did not give her the good time of the day, faying that he was a foule thing, and that it had been better for hom if he had faluted her. At which words the boy felt a thing to prick him to the very heart. In fine, the boy came home, Ian guifhed for fome dayes, and at length grew into extreme fits, that two or three, (though hee was a child of 12. yeares) could not hold him[.]()