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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Richard HathawayA man from the London Borough of Southwark, known to be an apprentice of Mr. Thomas Welling, who was allegedly bewitched by Sarah Morduck when asked to make a second key to fit her home's lock. He was convinced to take a drink from Morduck after much protesting, and is thereafter rendered unable to eat or drink, and and blind as well. His friends, concerned about him, brought Morduk to him, and convince him to scratch her. His vision returned, as did his ability to eat and drink, but when he finally had a bowel movement, the stool was full of pins. His friends then consulted a woman (Anonymous 370) known to have some skill who advised them to boil Hathaway's urine in a stone bottle, but the bottle burst into pieces when they did so, returning Hathaway to his former state even though none of the shards touched him. He remained in this state until some neighbors assisted him in scratching Morduck again, though he eventually relapsed once more.(1)It happened that Richard Hatheway, who is known to be a Servant of Mr. Thomas Welling's, who went fome time paft to clap on, or fix a Key to a Lock, for Mrs. Sarah Moordike, the Wife of one (commonly call'd by the name of Moll Dike, a Water-man, plying at Paul's wharf in London' when at the fame time, fhe and her Husband had divers Words together[.] [...] So accordingly carried it out; but said, I will have a Key as well as my Husband: He having took the Key of the Door along with him. Upon which she went to a Neighbour's who was a Black Smith, to accomplish the Same; but not being within, she went to Mr. Thomas Willing's living near the Faulken in Southwark, who instantly sent his Apprentice (Richard Hatheway) to do the same, and accordingly he did it; but no sooner had he done, but the said Sarah Moorkie ask'd him to Drenk, which he deny'd; but by much importunement he did: When sorn after he was taken Ill, insomuch that he could not Eat or Drink or do any Work but in a small time, grew altogether uncapable of doing any Service for his master, and so continued for many months[.]()