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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Margaret GurrA seventeen year old woman from Turnbridge in the county of Kent, who in July of 1681 is suddenly plagued by two devils, one black and one gray, which seem bent bent on her destruction. The gray devil holds her hostage and tempts her to kill herself. Although she exorcises these demons, they appear again in August of the same year when Gurr becomes possessed by the little black devil. He crouches inside her, wishing sad wishes with the most ugly shrieking noises, and roaring out curses. The black devil instructs Gurr to curse and swear as I do and wish such wishes as I do and tells her that if she does, she should again be well. Gurr is also possessed by a witch who spake with the most hideous and strange noises, orders her to Be as I am, and you shall be as well as ever you were in your life. This witch continues to speak from inside of Gurr, continually repeating, do as I say, and do as I would have, and as I am, for I am a witch, a witch, I am a witch, do as I say and be as I am, and you shall be well. Gurrs claims to have twice been airborn with the black and grey devils, but prays and finds herself at ease. The witch soon attacks her again, however, warning her in such a loud, sudden, and fearful voice, to keep away from Doctor Skinner, that devil doctor, and makes Gurr strangely afrightened, causing much trembling and shaking. She continues to suffer, but so does the whole household. Gurr concluded that she had not been speedily cured and her Master and Mistress and all the family must have been forced to have left the house. Dr. Skinner casts out the devils and the witch from Margaret Gurr's body, and also cured her from scurvy and gout. After this, she is visited no more by the devils or the witch. Upon being cured, Gurr is also blessed with the miracle of being able to read the Bible, which she could not do before. (1)I Margaret Gurr, servant to Mr. Christopher Elderidge in the Parish of Tunbridge in Kent, had two Devils appeared to me about Ten of the Clock in the forenoon, one Sunday the 19th Day of July, 1681. One of these two Devils seemed to be in Gray Cloathing, and the other in Black: The black Devil was of little Stature and short, the gray Devil was of stout thick squat Stature; they both ran behind the Table that was in the Room. The gray Devil would have me hang my self with Clock-Lines that was in the Room; then the Devil told me, That if I would not hang my self with the Clock-Lines, I should put or thrust Knitting-Needles in my Ears, and so destroy or kill my self that way.()