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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Richard DugdaleAn eighteen year old man from Whalley in the county of Lancashire, who is a gardener and servant to Thomas Lister, and an avid dancer. Dudgale starts having fits by some accounts when a schoolfellow denies his ability to perform various tricks, and by other accounts after a night of dancing at a rushbearing in Whalley. Richard Dugdale's fits consist of his ability to become clairvoyant, vomiting stones, brass rings, and buttons, making strange noises, dancing on his knees, exhibiting great strength, extreme changes in weight, strange lumps on his chest and belly, speaking in voices other than his own, his blasphemy of God, his ability to repeat Sermons he has never heard, and strange contortions of his body. Richard Dugdale is also pricked with a pin by John Hindle during a fit, to which he gives no reaction. Richard Dugdale and his family seek help from Dr. Chew, Dr. Crabtree, and the minister Mr. Jolly. Richard Dugdale allegedly admits that he feels Dr. Chew's medicines cured him of his Fits, but that these Fits were the work of the Devil. It is believed that Richard Dugdale made a contract with the Devil to dance better than all others, and upon confessing this in drink, Richard Dugdale experiences his last fit on March 24, 1690, a date he himself predicted. When the Devil speaks through Richard Dugdale's body, he often refers to Richard Dugdale as "Dicky." After he is cured, Richard Dugdale marries, and continues to pursue his profession as a gardener.(Image 5)The faid Richard Dugdale was not very big nor fmall, but of a middle fize and ftature. about 19 years old, and had been Gardiner or Servant at Weft-Bybal, till he was feized with the Affliction hereafter mentioned()