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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mildred NorringtonA seventeen-year old girl, daughter of Alice Norrington, and the servant of William Sponer, from Westwell street in Kent, who was allegedly possessed by Satan "night and day" and who "rored and cried mightilie" under examination. The devil who possessed Mildred Norrington was allegedly kept by a woman only known as "Old Alice" with whom he had been with for twenty years. The Devil had been sent about a year ago in the shape of two birds to kill Mildred Norrington.Norrington, the "Pythonist of Westwell," retracted her possession while under examination.(71)Mildred the base daughter of Alice Norrington ... and now servant to William Spooner of Westwell in the County of Kent, being of the age of seventeen years, was possessed with Satan in the night and day aforesaid: About two of the clock in the afternoon of the same day, there came to the same Spooners house, Roger Newman Minister of Westwell, John Brainford Minister of Kinington, with others whose names are underwritten, who made their Prayers unto God, to assist them in that needful case; and then commanded Satan in the name of the Eternal God, and of his Son Jesus Christ, to speak with such a voice as they might understand, and to declare from whence he came. But he would not speak, but roared and cryed mightily: And though we did command him many times, in the name of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ, and in his mighty power to speak, yet he would not; until he had gone through all his delayes, as roaring, crying, striving, and gnashing of teeth, and otherwise with mowing, and other terrible countenances, and was so strong in the maid, that four men could scarce hold her down.()