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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Joan HarveyA woman from Hockham in the county of Norwich who suffered suicidal tendencies diverse fits where she "sometimes seemed dead and senseles." Sometimes she "spoke strangely or barked like a dog" or had "strange visions and fearful sights of light and flashes of lightning in the evening," and of "two children, one white and the other red." She suffer tremendous physical and physiological complications: she foamed at the mouth, spat at the name of Jesus, and exhibited extraordinary strength. During these fits she "complained about Mother Frauncis" who was eventually imprisoned by Sir Bassingbourn Gawdy in the Norwich goal for causing Harvey's torments. It was there that Harvey scratched Frauncis to unwitch herself. Harvey was examined by Augustine Styward, sometime around December 20, 1600, and diagnosed as having "as physic calleth uteri suffoctio or strangulatio," or hysteria. Styward wrote to Goawdy, begging him to take mercy on Frauncis. Frauncis was released, but within three weeks she was dead. Beyond being diagnosed as a hysteric, Harvey was also accused of being a "counterfit."()In her fits some of them, she was tormented fearfully; and at diverse times diversely taken with strange swellings, distortings, and nippings (so as spots like blood, and seales and marks were seen on her two or three days later); and with blindness, dumbness, deafness, and lameness, sometimes on the one side and sometimes on the other, she tearing her hair and beating herself, and her head against the bedsteads and stools, sometimes foaming, sometimes dolefully shrieking and baling like a calf; groaning, howling like a dog, and biting like a mad dog. her head, feet, ad legs were drawn awry and almost backward: and she stared, and gaped most fearfully and gnashed her teeth and lay as dead and senseless many times a day and more sometimes together, and without breath or panting, saving that her natural colour remained still fresh; and yet sometimes suddenly she did spit in the faces of them that stood by or at her friends or at the name of jesus; and sometimes did smite at her parents also. Stinking smells and savours came sometimes out of her mouth: and sometimes she was inflexible of extraordinary weight sometimes and of extraordinary strength, doing that sometimes in her fits, which she could not do before or afterwards.()