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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Friswood WilliamsA girl from Denham in the county of Buckinghamshire, described as being sixteen-years of age. She is convinced that she had been possessed by the Devil and that he cried out through her. She is made to convert to Catholicism, renamed Frauncis during a christening, and undergoes an series of brutal exorcisms. She later retracts her confession, claiming that the priests told her that she and her sisters were all possessed, but "verily beleeueth, they thrust a rustie, naile into her mouth, and afterwards pretended, that it came out of her body."(21)Friswood Williams, sister to Sara, (a mayde when shee came to the league) about 16 yeeres old: a plant of the same soyle, and a hanging to the same house, her father hauing beene Sir George Peckhams man. Shee was sent downe to Denham vnder colour of visiting her sister Sara, whom she heard to be ill at ease, as also to be help|full to mistris Peckham about the possessed: Vnder whom shee was admitted to be attendant in a place of reuersion; who had not been long within the compasse of that holy circle, but shee was discouered to haue a tang of possession. Shee kept her scene at her cue with her fellow play-deuils, so long as at the last she got such a pinch of Tom Spanner in the darke (one of the haunting crue) that the markes of it, were many dayes after to be seene.()