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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Katheren MalpasA "a younge mayden"from Upton, in the parish of West Ham, Essex, daughter of Katherine Malpas Senior. Katherine was allegedly taught by Thomas Saunders (described as a yeoman), his wife Elizabeth, and her own mother, to "counterfeite and fayne her selfe [to] be bewitched and possessed with an evill spirite, and to counterfeite and fayine certaine strange fitts and traunce." She allegedly woulde have a risinge upp in her stomacke to the bignes of a halfe penny loafe & would beat her heade against the wainscotte & would shrugge up her shoulders & woulde make her boanes to crackle wi* in her skyne & some tymes her mouth would be drawne on one side"(193)to counterfeite and fayne her selfe to be bewitched and possessed wi[th] an evill spirite, and to counterfeite and faiyne certaine strange fitts and traunces()