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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
The Nuns of LoudunThe (27) Ursuline nuns from Loudun, France allegedly suffered fits during which they performed erotic transgressions.(83)There is so much written, both at home and abroad, so convincingly, and by so unquestionable Authors, that I have not the Vanity to add any thing, especially to you: But because you have desired me to tell you the Story of the Nuns at Loudun and some others, I shall first tell you of a [r]eal Possession near the place I was born in; [...]ext of disquietings by Spirits (both which [...] had from unquestionable Testimonies) and [t]hen I shall tell you what I saw at Loudun, [c]oncerning that which I do not doubt to [...]all a Pretended Possession, sure I am a Cheat. ()