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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Katherine WrightA seventeen-year old girl from Mansfield in the county of Nottinghamshire, who faked possession under the guidance of John Darrell. Darrell faced trial on the charge of instructing Katherine and others in counterfeiting both their possessions and their dispossessions to bolster his own reputation. In support of the charges, Katherine gave deposition stating that she had counterfeited her possession. She claimed that Darrell told her to speak in a strange voice, and when asked the name of the spirit possessing her, say "Middleclub."(Image 5)IOhn Darrell a Batchelor of Artes, being about the age of three or foure & twentie, but then no minister (as hee saith) did take vpon him about thirteene years since to cast, first one Diuell, and afterwards (vpon a pretended repossession) eight Diuels, out of a maid neere seuenteene yeares old in Darbishire, named Katherine Wright.()