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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anne SmithA woman from Denham in the county of Buckinghamshire, described as an eighteen-year old hysteric who had fits for a period of three years.(20-21)Anne Smith, attending at times vpon Mistris Peckham (a maid when she came to the league) of 18 yeeres of age, nusled vp in the true rites, and ceremonies of the Popish fascination, and so an affectionate proselyte to that Mimick superstition (it being the onely religion to catch fooles, children, and women, by reason it is naught else, saue a conceited pageant of Puppits, and gaudes) shee was first seazed vppon by olde Harpax, the Leno, graund probationer of the deuils female in the play, by the meanes of her sister, one Alice Plater, his sweet Mistris forsooth: shee was directed downe to Denham, for her better instruction in mysterie of possession, and thence after an acte, or hope of probation, she returned to London: whence she became Stamp the Priests peculiar, to be conuayed againe to Denham()