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Assertions for a specific person.

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John MowlinA man from Sandwich in the county of Kent, who is allegedly hit with a profound sadness during which he is visited by several visions and apparitions (Anonymous 22), which he believes are sent to him by God to do God's work. These continue for some five weeks, and appear to John Mowlin as a man in a coloured coat with "holes in [his] hands and feet," as well as through Voices. These same apparitions visit Thomas Lipeat, who suspects that they are not from God, but from the Devil.(1 - 3)Sandwitch, May 13, 1647. The Examination of John Mowlin of Sandwitch, Taylor, taken before Henry Foster Mator, William Wilson, Andrew Goffrich, and others his Majesties Justices there. THe said Examinant saith, that yesterday was five weeks he being at work on his table, there fell from above (to according his own phrase) a power upon him, and that he being wel and strong in his joynts, was cast into a great depth of mourning, in so much that tears did abundantly gush from him: as he sewed by his wife, there appeared a Vision before him, of which he was ready to demand this question, What are thou? but had not strength to bring it forth: And the first words that were pronoun|ced by the apparition were Thy joy shall be such as no man shall take from thee; upon which words this Examinant had much comfort; and then the Vision which he saw being in the shape of a man in a sad coloured coat without a seam, with a powerfull voice said, I am he that have holes in my hands and feet. And the next voice that came from him said, I am ? and ?, the beginning and the ending, the first and the last. And the next voice was, Behold, I am even at the very door: which was all that was spoken at that time. And this Examinant was all the night following admiring at what he had seen and heard; and the next morning this Scripture came to his mind. Through the tender mercies of our God, whereby the day spring from on high hath visited us. And the next day following this Ex|aminant having seen and heard as before, was questioning with himself whether it should be declared to any or not; and about nine of the clock it was told this Examinant, it was given him to de|clare to those baptized persons with whom he was a member. And the next Lords day this Examinant was appointed by the Vision to be at one Goody Foreman's house at three of the clock in the af|ternoon, which he did accordingly perform, where there were present about sixteen persons; viz. Thomas [...], William Wood, Anne Palmer, Goody Higgins, Goody Boykins, Master Bate|man, Goody Godfrey of high street, Goody Nokes, John Smith, Henry Stringer, and others whom he knew not: and in the pre|sence of all the parties aforesaid hee did declare what before he had expressed. And some of them were great opposites to what this Examinant had spoken; but who they were hee doth not well re|member: But upon their opposition this Scripture the night fol|lowing came into his mind, The plowers have made long furrows upon my back; applying this to the opposers aforesaid. And the next night following a word was given him, I have loved thee, see that the appearance of thy love be seen: then said this Examinant, he was constrained to love God, because he had loved him first. And a while after the next words were, that Those whom God had chosen did do whatsoever he commanded them. Then this Examinant que|stioned with himself what God would have him do, and had an inward suggestion to goe to John Foremans house, and there it should be told him what he should do. And about nine of the clock the last Fast day this Examinant went to Foremans house where the woman lay upon her bed sick, and sate down; and she asked him if hee had any thing to say unto her: and shee said, If you have a word to speak, speak it. To which this Examinant gave her no answer: but suddenly after this Examinant asked her how long she had been sick, she answered, three yeers and three quarters. And the next words of this Examinant were to the woman, Daughter, the same Jesus that appeared to me with holes in his hands and feet make thee every whit whole: and then he went away. And about 3 of the clock in the afternoon following the woman came to the Examinants house rejoycing; but what her expressions were he knoweth not. And a while after another voice came to this Examinant, and said, Behold she prayeth; and as Ananias was sent to Paul when he prayed, to baptize him, so was this Examinant called forth to dip this woman, whom God had made every whit whole, In the name of the Father, Son, and holy Ghost: and accordingly he did dip her at Beagrams. And afterward upon another calling, this Examinant did likewise dip one Goody Herwoed, to whom before that this Examinant had been sent: and hee said to her first, that The pride of thy heart is an abomination to the Lord. And the next was, Thus saith the Lord, the fourth Angell standeth over thee with fire in his viall to consume thee except thou repent. And the third was, We be to you Hypocrites, except you repent you shall perish: all which was revealed to this Examinant before he told it her. And within lesse then half an hour before this Examinant went away, she was smitten and mourned bitterly: and so this Examinant de|parting, had heard that she had kept her bed three or four dayes af|terward, and did scarce speak sometimes three or four hours toge|ther: and the last Saturday morning, saith this Examinant, The word was given from above with power, Behold, she prayeth: and so this Examinant went the same morning up into the chamber unto her about six of the clock, she lying a bed; and the first words he spake to her were, Arise sister, the same Jesus which smote thee down, hath sent me that thou shouldst arise; & be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and holy Ghost: and immediately she arose and followed this Examinant to a place called Brewers Bridge, where he dipt her, though she had been dipt before. And he further said, that a Voice about ten dayes agoe spake to this Examinant as he lay in his bed, and said, John Arise: and immediately hee arose and went to work, and wrought untill 12 of the clock that day; and the Voice said, Go to the man that was born blind, and then the blind man appeared in a Vision: and about one of the clock this Exami|nant went to him, and spake to him as he sate at his door, Henry, A|rise; and he answered, he would: and then this Examinant told him, he was sent to him that he should receive his sight. Henry an|swered, Come, let us see what will be done. And so he arose, and this Examinant bid him lay his hands about his middle; and hee said, Father, thou art in thy throne, get hononr and great name: and then this Examinant laid his thumbs on his eyes, and said, Henry, open thine eyes, and receive thy sight: and he opened his eyes, but did not see. All these words this Examinant spake to him, leaving God that sent him (as he said) to work the effect according to his good pleasure.()