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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 32A young maid from Arpington in the county of Kent, who allegedly has two devils (Anonymous 18 and Anonymous 88) inside of her, causing her to have several fits. During fits, her face would be deformed so that she was unrecognizable. Her "Nerves, Joynts and Sinews, after so wonderful a manner, that they had almost drawn her out of human Shape," although generally, it was agreed she was a comely woman. Her face becomes so contorted that it is believed not her ever relatives would recognize her. She is further described as having a set jaw, and strained eyes, with "her Eye-balls an incredibly way into her Head." Doctor Boreman prays over her, which allegedly slightly improves her condition. Her condition attracts people (Anonymous 449) from far away who all say they have never seen anything like it. The spirits can be heard to groan inside of her belly, causing many spectators to run in fear and surprise. However, one witness, Mrs. Hopper and Doctor Boreman, hear one of the spirits within Anonymous 32 say "weaker and weaker, weaker and weaker" four times over before ceasing to speak. Both these two witness it when the spirits made the maid bark like a dog. At another occasion, when Doctor Boreman prayed over the maid during one of her fits, "a live and seeming substance forc'd its way out of her mouth in likeness of a large Serpent," (Anonymous 18) which then flew around Doctor Boreman's neck. It remains here until some witnesses take it off him, when it vanishes and is never seen again. However, despite being dispossessed by one spirit, Anonymous 32 is still under possession of a spirit (Anonymous 88) which causes her face to contort, and which makes noise whenever the maid moves, both answering questions and making "a hideous murmuring, as if it disliked its present habitation." It seems the maid is never completely dispossessed.(2-3)the place were this diftreffed Creature lay, was at a Town known by the name of Arpington, above three Miles diftant from bexly a Market Town in Kent, and it was on Munday the fifth day of this Inftant May when this A[...]efter went to fee her; when fhe firft entred the Room, She found the Maid in the very height of one of her Dreadful Fits; dreadful I may well call them, fince thofe envious Spirits within her, ftill retain their Devilifh natures, had contracted her Nerves, Joynts and Sinews, after fo wonderful a manner, that they had almoft drawn her out of human Shape; fhe appeared almoft of a heap with a Face though comedy and well favour'd before, yet in this Fit fo fque[e]z'd, and drawn out of Shape, that her neareft Relations, had not they been acquainted with what happened before could not have known her, her Teeth were fet, as at the approach of Death, and her ftrained eye-ftring had pulled her Eye-balls an incredible way into her head; in this deadful pofture fhe appear'd when the Attefter came into the Room, and found her acquaintance Doctor Boreman carneftly at his Payers by her, fo that all the Spectators remain'd in a great Silence and expectation of what would be the even of fo unufual an accident.()