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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anne HookA woman from Wapping in the county of Greater London, known to be an Irish cunningwoman, who was allegedly offered money by the confederates to murder Anne Levingston. Hook was also employed to procure witnesses who would swear to the advantage of the confederates; Hook is alleged to have sworn against Levingston herself.(3-5)One Anne Hook (who pretends her self to be a cunning woman) being imployed by the said confederates, did perswade her thereunto, offering her six score pounds, and half the money which the said Vandenbemde and the said Cr[...]mpton were to give her and her husband for making their Affidavits, if she would do the like. But the said Simpson abhominating so wicked a practice, to take away an innocent Gentlewomans life, discovered the Plot; for which conspiracies of the said confederates, a speciall Supplicavit was granted out of Chancery, to bind them to the good behaviour and other legal prosecutions are still depending against them. But the said confederates not resting there (in further prosecution of the Plot) did imploy the aforesaid Hook, to procure witnesses to swear what they desired[.] [...] To which she answered, that she never used sorcery or Witch-craft, neither had she ever heard of the Lady Powel, saving that not long before one Anne Hook (an Irish woman) came to her with one Goodwife Garland to have perswaded her to have made such an oath against Mrs. Levingston, as she the said Hook her self before had done, as the said Jone Peterson likewise did affirm before her death.()