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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John SwanA man from London, who witnesses and publishes on Mary Glover's alleged bewitchment by Elizabeth Jackson. John Swan, a student of divinity, is witness to the dispossession of Mary Glover, during which time he consults with one of the preachers performing the dispossession, and comforts the father of Mary Glover, Tim Glover, when he breaks down in tears over the torment his daughter is in. John Swan also believes he sees something "creeping" out of Mary Glover's eye when she is dispossessed. He comforts the girl himself, and "bidd her grow in comforte and courage, & strength to resist." He also consults with her, and she tells him that although "she saw nothinge, but she did feele somewhat depart." In his publications, John Swan makes it clear that he believes Mary Glover to have subject to supernatural forces, and was not suffering from the suffocation of the mother, or some other disease. (21)Now was it (as I remember, and others in their notes obserue) past two of the clocke vntill which time the maiden havinge remained in reasonable good peace and ease: I asked one what he thought of the matter: who answered that his hope was, we should haue a calme still, nothing but faire weather, and that Satan would steale away like a mecer: whevnto I replied nothing, as one that could haue bene glad it might be so: but I doubted it, considering that his mallice, who heretofore had raged in her, would not be so gentle, as to begon without a partting blowe: but especially calling to minde, the manner of his departing in those dayes, when the power of doinge miracles was given to the Sonnes of men, (which now is ceased) namely that he vsed to rent, and tear, and leaue for dead: and I imagined that his mallice was rather growne greater towardes the end of his kingdome, and so it fell out:()