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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
M. BarberA man from London, who is employed as a minister to guide fasting and prayer for Mary Glover's dispossession. Mr. Barber takes turns with other preachers in leading a group of witnesses and neighbours (Anonymous 437) through prayer for the girl, while she is in a violent fit. Mr. Barber is aided by five other preachers: Mr. Bridger, Mr. Lewis Hughes, Mr. Skelton, Mr. Swan, and Mr. Evans.(19)Then a fourth preacher (M. Barber) succeded in prayer, who besides the especiall poyntes of the other prayers sittinge the present occasion [...] that we might not (but in feare of men) meete together to performe such dueties, and such meanes as God hath sainctified, and the Church heretofote practised in such cases, for releife and recouery, of pore creatures distressed in this kinde. And so much of this prayer.()