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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
M. BridgerA man from London, who is employed as a minister to guide fasting and prayer for Mary Glover's dispossession. Mr. Bridger takes turns with other preachers in leading a group of witnesses and neighbours (Anonymous 437) through prayer for the girl, while she is in a violent fit. Mr. Bridger is aided by five other preachers: Mr. Skelton, Mr. Lewis Hughes, Mr. Barber, Mr. Swan, and Mr. Evans. During Mary Glover's worst fit of the dispossession, Mr. Bridger prays on one side of her bed, "mentioninge the seed of the woman that should breake the Serpents head."(4)After that by consent of godly ministers, (at the instat request of the parents of Mary Glouer) it was resolued vppon that there should be sett a part one day (and that presently vppon good considerations) for prayer and fasting, that by humble supplication God might be intreated to haue mercy vppon them, and vppon his distressed servants of that family, especiallye vppon the maide her selfe, who was the occasion of the others greife: It was agreed vppon, that on tuesday the 14. of December the ministers (who were to be imployed in that action) should meete togeather to aduise of the order that amonge themselues they would obserue both in prayey and preachinge. which being accomplished, it was thought good that one should be appoynted, who should the night before the exercise, prepare the company that shoud be partakers with the ministers in that nedfull and holy action.()