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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
William WhycherlyA man from St. Sepulchers' parish in Charterhouse Lane in the city of London, who represents himself during examination as a conjurer. Wicherly works using a crystal to communicate with an spirit names Scariot. He also provides details on numerous other magical practitioners in who live in and around the city of London.()he saith that about ten years past he used a circle called Circulus Salaomonia at a place called Pembsa, in Sussex, to call up Baro, who he taketh to be a orientalle or spetentrialle spirit. Where was also one Robert Bayly the scryer of the crisatlle stone, syr John Anderson the magister operatr, syr John Hickely and Thomas Goslyng, in whcih their practise they had sworde, ring, and hallywater. Where they were frustrated, for Baro did not appere, nor other vision of spirit, but there was a terrible wind and tempest for the time of the circulation. Ans sitherns that tyme he used no consecrated cyrcle, but hath used the cristalle to invocate the spirit called Scariot, which he at dyvers tymes into the cristall, to have knowledge of thyngs stolen, which spirit hath given hym knowledge an C. tymes. and thereby men have been restored to their goods. ()