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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mistress HartA pious woman who gives birth to monsters ()Iuly 28. at a place called Ratcliffe High-way neere unto London, at the signe of the three Arrows, dwelt a woman named Mistris Hart, who lived and was well beloved of her neighbours, she was religiously given, honest in behaviour, courteous in her speech, and well qualified in her actions: This woman being with childe, would oftentimes say that she was mightily troubled with what she bore in her wombe, as well she might be: for on the 28. day of Iuly last, about 6. of the clocke in the morning she fell strongly in labour, and therewithall sent for the Midwife, whose name is Mistris Bullock, and other of her neighbours to come to her labour, who through Gods assistance brought her to a safe delivery. The Infant being brought into the world, the Midwife and the rest of the women having taken a view of it, perceived it to be the strangest misshapen Monster that ever they lookt on, or heard tell of. It was both hee and shee, borne without a nose, without hands and feet or legs, one eare, and that grew in the neck, and where the legs and armes should have beene, there grew pieces of flesh, and no bones nor ioynts. This deformed Monster was borne alive, but it lived not long: the woman is yet living. ()