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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. JollyA man from Pendle Hill in the county of Lancaster who was visited by Richard Dugdale. Jolly prays and reads the Bible and Dugdale responds by flying into a preternatural rage. Mr. Jolly believes that Richard Dugdale is possessed by the Devil, and stays with Richard Dugdale throughout many of his fits. Mr. Jolly also writes in response to Mr. Zach Taylour's accusations that the demoniac Richard Dugdale was not real, but rather the result of disease. (image 5-6)Upon April the 29th 1689, in the Morning, the faid Richard came to the Houfe of Mr. Jolly at the New Chappel or Waymond Houfes near Pendle Hill; for tho Richard had fignified his defires of coming thiter a Quarter of a year before, yet the Meffenger fail'd to give notice thereof until a day or two before he came; whilft he was in the faid Houfe, there were great grounds of fufpecting that he was poffeft by the Devil, partly from the Account he gave of his Cafe, and principally from the ftrange Fits which violently feiz'd him, whilft Mr. Jolly was at Family duty, reading and opening the Word and Praying, wherein he had many Praeternatural motions, far above the reach of his perfonal Ability and Agility, and he had fhewn great defpite againft the faid ordinances of God, yea efpecially when Christ was more folemnly named, and his Condition more earneftly reccomended to the Lord; then he raged as if he had been nothing but a Devil in Richard's bodily fhape[.]()