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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Richard FosterA man from Dagenham, in the County of Essex, husband of Alice Foster, and an accuser or amateur witch-finder. Foster, along with John Harrolde, identifies Joan Upney as a witch, forcing her to, or giving her time to flee. Upney does run, but she does not make it far, and she later confesses to sending her familiar to pinch Foster's wife soon after.(Sig. Aiiiv, B)The confession of Ioan Vpney of Dagenham, in the Countye of Essex, who was brought before Sir Henrye Gray Knight, the third of May. 1589. [...] [She] was neuer without some Toades since till her last going away from her house, when she confesseth she ranne away, because she heard Iohn Harrolde and Richard Foster say she was a witch, and [such] other woordes. She saith that one day she lest a Toade vnder the groundsill at Harrolds house, and it pinched his wife and sucked her til she dyed, but it neuer ca~e to her the saide Ioan Upney againe. She saith, that one day another Toade went ouer her threshold as Richard Fosters wife was coming that way, and it went and pinched her, and neuer returned againe.()