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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anne StylesA woman from Salisbury in the county of Wilshire, described as a servant who visits Anne Bodenham numerous times acting a a go-between for Richard Goddard's family and Anne Bodenham. However, after Styles' purchase of arsenic (purportedly to be used as countermagic, but read as the poison to be used by Sara and Anne Goodard against their mother) is discovered, Styles is considered a criminal, an attempted murderer, who flees to London. Before she goes, she allegedly becomes Anne Bodenham's apprentice when she is seduced by the old witch into giving the Devil her soul "seald with her blood," in exchange for "wisdome and true grace" and "wealth and ease," found by using a looking glass. After having signed over her soul, Anne Styles is repentant "as she understood That she must loose the joyes of heaven." In one account, with Mistress Bodenham's understanding, Anne Styles flees to London, only to be taken at Stockbridge by the Devil and "cast to and froe," in front of a great number of witnesses. A Gentleman prays for Anne Stiles for four days, during which she is tormented by the Devil in the shape of a snake. She confesses to her contract with the Devil, and to the nature of Mistress Rodnam. When Mistress Rodnam comes to Stockbridge, Anne Stiles can finally sleep and when "she walkt againe, She praised God she felt no paine." Another account explains that all of this confession comes out when Mr. Chandler (son in law to Mris. Goddard) caught up with the Styles and who, in "a great trembling and shaking," was carried "between Sutton and Stockbridge," where she "did confesse and acknowledge all the transactions and passages between the Witch and her." The next night, at an Inn in Stockbridge, Styles had her first fit. These fits, fits which made her into a penitent victim of witchcraft, rather than an attempted murder, would continue for the three weeks Styles was in prison in Salisbury. She had "such strange fits that drew both pity and admiration from the beholders" they came "as frequent as violent," lasting thirty to sixty minutes, with only a fifteen minute respite, and while she was in them, she exhibited such strength that "six men, sometimes more could not keep her." While in her fits, she would be "miserably groaning and skrieking, being deprived of her speech and sight, and many times she grinded her teeth, and sweat in her fits continually, constantly in motion, seeking to tear her self." She could hear but not speak, and might sit "in a very senselesse idle manner" or be found "lying foaming, raving, groaning, skrieking, trembling in an unheard of manner." Styles represented herself as a ever penitent sinner who cried out "Oh very damnable, very wretched; this hand of mine writ my name in the Devils book, this finger of mine was pricked, here is yet the hole that was made, and with my blood I wrote my own Damnation, and have cut my self off from Heaven and Eternall life," who is more than willing to be saved. She participates in the normal tests demoniacs do, reacting to Bodenham, with out knowing she was there. Styles temporarily recovers from her fits, "but began to relapse into her former fits, and was tormented as formerly" the night before Bodenham's execution, as if to once more protest her innocence. After Bodenham's execution, Style's made a final assertion of her new godly self: "I am this day to go away home, I hope now to begin a holy life."(7-8, 15-16)But before the Maid went away from the Witch for London, the Witch asked the Maid whether she would goe to London High or Low. To which she replyed, What doe you mean by that? She answered, If you will goe on High, you shall be carryed to London in the Air, and be there in two hours; but if you goe a Low, you shall be taken at Suttons Towns end, and before, unlesse you have help: But before she departed, the Witch earnestly desired the Maid to live with her, and told her, that if she would do so, she would teach her to doe as she did, and that she should never be taken; then the Maid asked her what she could doe? she answered, You shal know presently, and forthwith she appeared in the shape of a great Black Cat, and lay along by the Chimny: at which the Maid being very much afrighted, she came into her own shape again, and told her, I see you are afraid, and I see you are willing to be gone, and told her, if she was, she should say so, and not speak against her conscience; and the Maid replyed, she was willing to goe, and not to dwell with the Witch; then the Witch said, she must seal unto her body and blood not to discover her; which she promising to doe, she forthwith made a Circle as formerly she had done, and looking in her Book, and called Beelzebub, Tormentor, Lucifer, and Satan appeare, then appeared two Spirits in the likenesse of great Boys, with long shagged black hair, and stood by her, looking over her shoulder, and the Witch took the Maids fore-finger of her right hand, in her hand, and pricked it with a pin, and squeesed out the blood, and put it into a Pen, and put the Pen into the Maids hand, and held her hand to write in a great Book, and one of the Spirits laid his Hand or Claw upon the Witches, whilest the Maid wrote, and when she had done writing, whilest their hands were together, the Witch said Amen, and made the Maid say Amen, and the Spirits said Amen, Amen; and the Spirits hand did feel cold to the Maid as it touched her hand, when the Witches hand and hers were together writing; and then the Spirit gave a peece of Silver (which he first bit) to the Witch, who gave it to the Maid, and also stuck two Pins in the Maids head-cloathes, and bid her keep them, and bid her be gone, and said also I will vex the Gentlewoman well enough, as I did the Man in Clarington Park, which I made walk about with a bundle of Pales on his back all night in a Pond of water, and could not lay them down till the next morning. The Maid took her journey immediately for London, and about Park Cooner, two miles on her journey, there overtook her a man on horse-back, who asked her, whether or no she was going for London? and she telling him yes, he lighted, and set her on horse-back, and went a foot by her about two miles, and then carryed her behinde him to Stock-bridge, and then she went a foot through the Town, but afterwards rode again, untill she was overtaken by Mr. Chandler and others, at Sutton Towns end. *** have naturally, and so strong in them, that sometimes six men, sometimes more could not keep her from being hurryed from them, although holding her at the greatest advantage that possibly they could take her, keeping her down on a low bed, lying on the same, and every man holding a particular part of her body: so violent were her fits, and so strong was the motion of her body in them. These fits were also as frequent as violent, she having not for the most part one quarter of an hours respite from torment between them, and they continuing halfe an hour, sometimes an hour and more, and in this sad condition she continued sometimes two hours; and so, many dayes together: And the Monday morning following I comming to Sarum, where there was a great rumour about the City of a Witch that was found out, that had bewitched a Maid, and they both were in prison, and that the Maid was often troubled with such strange fits that drew both pity and admiration from the beholders, through the perswasion of some friends I accompanyed them to the prison, and when I came into the Chamber where she lay, she was then in her fit, and so had been half an hour before I came, and I continued there one hour and half, and all that while her fit seised on her, she lying on a low bed in the midst of a Chamber, and severall compassing her, holding her down: The nature of her fits I am unable to demonstrate by my pen, onely thus far, they suddenly seised on her, and would cause an exceeding trembling in all the members of her body, causing her to tear her self unlesse held, and she was so strong in them, that two men could not hold one arm, but many times would be pulled from them, she miserably groaning and skrieking, being deprived of her speech and sight, and many times she grinded her teeth, and sweat in her fits continually, constantly in motion, seeking to tear her self, and when her fits were taking their leave of her, she usually had an exceeding trembling, and a little reposed frame for two or three minutes before her violent hurryings would cease: This being the first time I saw her, and beholding so sad a spectacle, I could not but pity her, and by enquiry of other beholders, I understood she was sensible of what was said in her presence during her fits many times, though she was not able to speak her self, (as she said between her fits) and did desire the prayers of all such as came to her, to seek God on her behalf: but there being no Minister then in the room, wee our selves went to seek God for her, and after wee had concluded our prayers, the Maid continuing in her fits not able to speak or discourse, I then left her for some time, afterwards went (being accompanyed with a multitude) into the room where the Witch was, where she sate neer the fire in the midst of a room, with many spectators, and she in a very senselesse idle manner and discoursing with them, and now and then cursing them if they used any ()