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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mary FarmerA girl from Yowel in Surrey, who was allegedly bewitched by Joan Buts; she became ill and died. Witnesses at Buts' trial swore that they had to remove pins from Farmer's arms and other parts of her bodies many times, also attributed to Buts' bewitchment of the child.(1, 2)MSHE was indicted by the name of Ioan Buts, late of Yoel, in the County of Surrey, for that she being a common Witch and Inchantress, and not having the fear of God before her eyes, but moved by the instigation of the Devil, she did by her wicked and devilish Art, bewitch Mary Farmer, and brought her into a languishing Condition; in which languishing Condition she continued until she died. [...] The Witnesses being sworn, the Parents of Mary Farmer swore, That their Child being taken ill in an extraordinary and violent manner, the Neighbours told them it was bewitched, and p[er]swaded them to go to Dr. Bourn, which they did, and Bourn told them, That their Child was under an ill Tongue, and advised them to save the Childs water, and put it into a Bottle, stopping it close, and bury it in the Earth, and to burn the Childs Clothes, assuring them, that then the Witch which had done her the hurt, would come in[.] [...] Others swore, That they had divers times taken out pins from the Arms, and other parts of Mary Farmar; which was also proved by divers others that had seen them taken out.()