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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dr. BournA man from Yowell in the county of Surrey, known to be a doctor and a cunning-person, whom the parents of Mary Farmer allegedly consulted on the matter of her bewitchment. He is said to have confirmed that Mary was "under an ill tongue" and advised Mr. and Mrs. Farmer to save Mary's urine, close it in a bottle and bury it in the earth, then burn Mary's clothes, and that this would draw out the witch who had afflicted her.(1)The Witnesses being sworn, the Parents of Mary Farmer swore, That their Child being taken ill in an extraordinary and violent manner, the Neighbours told them it was bewitched, and p[er]swaded them to go to Dr. Bourn, which they did, and Bourn told them, That their Child was under an ill Tongue, and advised them to save the Childs water, and put it into a Bottle, stopping it close, and bury it in the Earth, and to burn the Childs Clothes, assuring them, that then the Witch which had done her the hurt, would come in; and that accordingly they did so[.]()