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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 47An unknown number of men from Luyck in Brussels, known to be physicians. They, along with an unknown number of female physicians, came to examine the young maid, Anonymous 11, after she began to suffer convulsive fits. Though they tried numerous remedies, none had any effect on the girl.(5-6)A young maid, about nine years of Age; second to none in the City where she lived. either for beauty or birth. having given unto a witch y beg['d] at the door both bread and ber, did receive from her a leaf of Sorrell, which having unwarily put into her mouth, and swallowed it down, not long after she w[a]s troubled with convulsion [fits] [s]wounding awa[y] she did fall down as dead. There were c[a]ll[e] to her help P[h]ysitians both male and Female (for at Tralectum upon y river of M[o]sa where this came to passe) both sexes pr[a]ctice Physick, It was in y month of May; in y year 1652. Many Remedyes for many days were applyed but to no effect [unto] y poor maid being Tormented with [most] grievous fits it was thought expedient (according to y [custom]of y [...]) yt [t]hey should ha[v]e recourse to the Religious man, who [...] appeared, and began [t]o exercise his Function, b[ut] y Ma[i]d began to turn[...] w[...]e[...]t[...] her body into those form[s] which [no] man [can] conce[i]ve but those yt saw her, After y she spewed Horse-dung, [...], pins, hair, feathers, knots of thread, peces of broken glasses, [nayles dropt] from [...] k[n]ife [...] then a spa[n] y [s]hels of E[g]gs [...]. In the mean time her parents, sisters and neighbors did observe y if at any ti[m]e [y] witch ca[me] [near] to the house or but looke[d] [towards] it y poor maid was Tormented more then before, nor could be [....] [f]rom her fits or gi[v]e any sign of life [w]ill [s]he was go[ne] further off. The witch was therefore apprehended who confess[i]ng this & many other Witch [cr]a[f]ts, was deservedly Hanged()