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Assertions for a specific person.

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Mother BarnesA woman from St. Osyth in the county of Essex and the mother of Ales Hunt and Margary Sammon, Mother Barnes is alternately described as "a notorious Witch" and as "no witch" by Joan Pechey. She allegedly gave her daughter, Margery Sammon two familiar spirits, in the shape of toads, instructing her to feed and care for them, or to give them to Mother Pechey if she would not. Mother Barnes is accused of conspiring with her daughter Ales Hunt to bewitch Rebbecca Durrant, after her father Henry refused to give them some pork. Rebbecca Durrant died November 24th. Although her Hunt was indicted for the malefic murder of Rebbecca Durrant (and found not guilty) Mother Barnes never made it to court. She died on February 12, 1582. (C4-C4v)The Examination and confession of Margery Sammon, taken before mee Brian Darcie Esquire, the xxv. of February. THe sayde Margerie Sammon, sister to the sayde Ales Hunt, daughter to one mother Barnes lately deceased, (which mother Barns was accompted to bee a notorious Witche) saith, that shee remayned at home with her mother by the space of halfe a yeare, and saith shee was with her mother seueral times, when shee laye sicke, and also at the houre of her death: But denyeth the hauing of any spirites of her sayd Mother, or that her mother had any to her knowledge. The said Margery yt night being co~mitted to ye ward & keeping of ye counstable, and the nexte daye brought before mee the saide Bryan in the presence of her sister Ales Hunte, And beeing charged by her sayde Syster to haue two spirites like toades, giuen her by her mother at her death, vtterlye denyed the same saying, I defie thee, though thou art my sister, saying she neuer sawe anye such: At which speaches her sister taking her aside by the arme, whyspred her in the eare: And then presentlye after this Examinate with great submission and many teares, confessed that she had two spirites delyuered her by her mother, the same day shee departed. And that shee this Examinate caryed them awaye with her in the euening, they beeing in a wicker basket, more then half full of white and blacke wooll: And that she asking her mother what shee should doe with them, she bad her keepe them and feede them: This Examinate asking wherewithall: her mother answered, if thou doest not giue them mylke, they will sucke of thy blood: And sayeth, she called them by the names of Tom and Robbin. And this Examinate beeing asked how often she had giuen them meate sithence shee had them, saieth and confesseth, that she fed them twise out of a dyshe with mylke: And beeing asked when shee fed them last, this Examinate sayde, vppon Twesday last past before this examination, and that with mylke. This Examinate sayeth also, that when shee tooke them of her mother, shee sayde vnto her, if thou will not keepe the said spirits, then send them to mother Pechey, for I know she is a Witch, and will bee glad of them. And saith further, that shee hearing, that Ursleye Kempe was apprehended, and fearing that shee shoulde bee called in question, saieth thereupon shee tooke the saide spirites beeing in a basket, and in the euening wente into the grounde of her Master, and so into Reads grounde, and bad them goe to the sayde mother Pechey: At which wordes they skypped out of the said basket, and wente before this Examinate, shee this Examinate sayeing, all euill goe with you, and the Lorde in heauen blesse mee from yee: And sayeth, shee myghte see the sayde spyrites goeing towarde a barred style, goeing ouer into Howe lane: And when they came at the style, shee saieth, they skypped ouer the same style and wente the readye waye to mother Pecheyes house: And saieth shee verilye thinketh the sayde mother Pechey hath them.()