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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Arnold's WifeA woman who is identified by a local boat-cawker / cunning-man named Herring as the witch who "haunted" Annis Glascocke.(Cv, C2-C2v)The Examynation and Confession of Annis Glascocke, wife of Iohn Glascocke, Sawyer, taken before me Bryan Darcey Esquyre, the xxiiii. of February. [...] This Examinate saith, that by many yeares past she was much troubled with straung aches in her bones, and otherwise: wherof she consumed by the space of two or three yeares: And saith, yt she was told, that about Sudbery there dwelt one Herring (named to bee a Cawker) to whome she went, who declared to this Examinate, yt she was hau~ted with a witch (naming Arnolds wife) And that she should not escape death wtout she had some remedy, wherupon this examinat saith, yt she praied ye said Herring to helpe her. And that hee then deliuered vnto her a little lynnen bagge of the breadth of a groate, full of small thinges like seedes, and willed her to put the same where her payne was most, the which shee proued by sewing it vppon her garmente, neare the place where her greefe was: And after a while this Examinate saieth, she recouered, and was well. ()