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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
William BerryWilliam Berry is a man from Langham in the county of Rutland who was allegedly Joan Willimott's master for three years. According to Joan, William Berry gave her a spirit named Pretty; he asked her to open her mouth and told her "hee would blow into her a Fairy which should doe her good." A spirit then came out of her mouth in the shape of a woman and he willed Joan to give her soul to the spirit as it requested.(E4)The Examination of the said Ioan Willimott, taken the second day of March in the yeare abouesaid, before the said Alexander Amcots. THis Examinate saith, That shee hath a Spirit which shee calleth Pretty, which was giuen vnto her by William Berry of Langholme in Rutlandshire, whom she serued three yeares; and that her Master when hee gaue it vnto her, willed her to open her mouth, and hee would blow into her a Fairy which should doe her good; and that shee opened her mouth, and he did blow into her mouth; and that presently after his blowing, there came out of her mouth a Spirit, which stood vpon the ground in the the shape and forme of a Woman, which Spirit did aske of her her Soule, which shee then promised vnto it, being willed thereunto by her Master.()