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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Sir George MannersA man from the county of Lincoln, known to be a Justice of the Peace for Lincoln, the brother of Sir Francis Manners and to hold the titles of Lord Rosse and the Earl of Rutland. Sir Francis Manners appealed to him for his assistance when his family was stricken and witchcraft was suspected. Sir George examined Phillip Flower and Anne Baker.(D2v)When the Earle heard of their apprehension, hee hasted downe with his brother Sr. George, and somtimes examining them himselfe, and sometimes sending them to others; at last left them to the triall of Law, before the Iudges of assise at Lincolne; and so they were conuicted of murther and executed accordingly, about the 11. of March, to the terror of all the beholders, and example of such dissolute and abhominable Creatures, and because you shall haue both cause to glorifie God for this discouery, and occasion to apprehend the strangenesse of their liues, and truth of their proceedings[.]()