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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anne StannidgeA woman from Bottesford in the county of Leicester, whose young daughter was allegedly bewitched to death by Anne Baker. According to Anne Baker's confession, Stannidge brought her daughter to Baker, and Baker laid her on her skirt, but did the child no harm. Stannidge claimed that in order to get Baker to let her daughter go, she had to burn some hair and nail parings from the child, which made Baker come in and set the child down. Baker said that she remembered coming into Stannidge's house in great pain, but knew nothing of the burnt hair and nails, and was so sick at the time that she doesn't recall why she went in the first place. (D4v-E)Being examined concerning a Childe of Anne Stannidge, which shee was suspected to haue bewitched to death; saith, the said Anne Stannidge did deliuer her childe into her hands, and that shee did lay it vpon her skirt, but did no harme vnto it; And being charged by the Mother of the childe, that vpon the burning of the haire and the paring of the nailes of the said childe, the said Anne Baker came in and set her downe, and for one houres space could speake nothing; confesseth shee came into the house of the said Anne Stannidge in great paine, but did not know of the burning of the haire and nailes of the said Childe; but said she was so sicke that she did not know whither she went. ()