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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dr. HeronA professor of Physic and Surgery, presumably from Rochester in the county of Kent, who allegedly taught Mother Bungy about human anatomy and surgery(341-342)[Mother Bungy's] cunning consisted only in deluding & deceiving the people: saving that shee had (towards the maintenance of her credit in that cousening trade) some sight in physick and surgery, and the assistance of a friend of hers, called Heron, a professor thereof. And this I know, partly of mine owne knowledge, and partly by the testimony of her husband, and others of credit, to whom (I say) in her death bed, and at sundry other times she protested these things; and also that she never had indeed any materiall spirit or divell (as the voice went) nor yet knew how to work any supernaturall matter, as she in her life time made men beleeve shee had and could doe. ()