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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Arthur RobinsonA man from Totnam in the county of Middlesex, now the London Borough of Haringey, known to be a Justice of the Peace, who is said to have long held the suspicion that Elizabeth Sawyer was a witch. Seeing the sudden inexplicable deaths of nursing infants and cattle, he stole thatching from Sawyer's roof to test whether she was a witch. He alleged that, wherever some of the thatching was burnt, Sawyer would shortly be seen. He also claimed that some of her neighbours had told him Sawyer had witch's marks on her body, and petitioned the Bench to have her searched by a jury of women.(A3-B1)A Great, and long suspition was held of this person to be a witch, and the eye of Mr. Arthur Robinson, a worthy Iustice of Peace, who dweleth at Totnam neere to her, was watchfull ouer her, and her wayes, and that not without iust cause; stil hauing his former long suspition of her, by the information of her neighbours that dwelt about her: from suspitio[n], to proceed to great presumptions, seeing the death of Nurse-children and Cattell, strangely and suddenly to happen. And to finde out who should bee the author of this mischiefe, an old ridiculous custome was vsed, which was to plucke the Thatch of her house, and to burne it, and it being so burnd, the author of such mischiefe should presently then come: and it was obserued and affirmed to the Court, that Elizabeth Sawyer would presently frequent the house of them that burnt the thatch which they pluckt of her house, and come without any sending for.()