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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 79A woman who presumably lived somewhere between the London parishes of Wapping and Shadwell who as a girl was nursed by Alice Flower (circa 1664). As the girl grew into a woman, she "was still fearful and apprehensive of her, until the time of her Death." The narrator suggest that Anonymous 79, who had "been affrighted by some of [Alice Fowler's] Tricks when she was Young," had a terrible life thereafter, living always in the "greatest Dread and Terror imaginable." She appears to have died by the time of publication. (2)Above twenty years since she nursed a Girl who did always report that she was a Witch, and after she was at a womans Estate was still fearful and apprehensive of her, untill the time of her Death. 'Tis believed the Child had been affrighted by some of her Tricks when she was Young, which made her in the greatest Dread and Terror imaginable of her ever after.()