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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Thomas Hilles (aka Feats)A renown magician who worked with a trained dog. Among his many other (sleight of hand) practices, he allegedly pretended he could speak with the dead and conjure familiars (for sale) (97)Well, I perceive the woman of Endors spirit was a counterfeit, and kept belike in her closet at Endor, or in the bottle, with mother Alices devil at Westwel, and are now bewraied and fled together to Limbo patrum, &c. And though Saul were bewitched and blinded in the matter; yet doubtlesse a wise man would have perchance espied her knavery. Me thinks Saul was brought to this witch, much after the manner that doctor Burcot was brought to Feats, who sold master Doctor a familiar, whereby he thought to have wrought miracles, or rather to have gained good store of money. This fellow by the name of Feats was a jugler, by the name of Hilles a witch or conjurer, everyway a cosener: his qualities and feats were to me and many other well knowne and detected. And yet the opinion conceived of him was most strange and wonderfull; even with such and in such cases, as it grieveth me to think of; specially because his knavery and cosenage reached to the shedding of innocent bloud. But now forsooth Saul covereth himselfe with a net: and because he would not be knowne, he put on other garments. But to bring that matter to passe, he must have been cut shorter by the head and shoulders; Note for by so much he was higher than any of the people. ()