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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Richard PooleA man from Hatfield in the county of Hertfordshire, known to be a minister, who gave sermons at the Elizabeth Weed attended. Weed alleged that he and his sermons were influential both to her regular attendance at the church and her desire to be rid of her "unhappy burden." (2)And being demanded when the one and twenty yeares would be out, she answered about Low-Sunday next, to the best of her remembrance, and being further demanded what was the reason, she did duly resort to Church to Sermons, & also to the Ministers house to repetition, which Mr. Poole the Minister being present did afire; she saith, she was well pleased with his preaching, and had a desire to be rid of that unhappy burthen which was upon her. And further she saith not. ()