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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mary DarnellA woman from Keyston in the County of Huntingdon, known to be the wife of blacksmith William Darnell and the mother of Katherine Darnell, who alleged that Elizabeth Chandler had bewitched Katherine to death after their children had a falling out. Darnell claims that Katherine told her Chandler had boxed her ear, which troubled her until her death three weeks later. Furthermore, Katherine was said to have shrieked often that Chandler had come to her and would kill her. Darnell also alleged that, a year later, she had pulled a pot of furmity off the fire only to have it continue boiling for an hour and run over the side no matter what she did, and that Lewis Carmell had told her that Chandler confessed to causing her familiar Beelzebub to spoil it. Chandler alleged that she had no part in Katherine's death or the furmity, and that, on the contrary, Darnell had bewitched Chandler by turning her into a duck for a time and causing a roaring spirit to come to her in the night.(8)Being demanded whether she did heretofore strike a childe of Goodwife Darnells of Keiston, named Katherine, or send any Spirit to harm it, she denyeth the same: being asked whether she did heretofore use any means to spoile the Furmity of the said Goodwife Darnell or any other, she answered no; she confesseth that about two years since, having received some hard usage from the said Goodwife Darnell, by causing her to be ducke, she did heartily desire to be revenged of her. And about halfe a yeare after, and ever since, she hath been troubled with the said roaring things. ()