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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 92A boy from Gloucester in the county of Gloucestershire, described as the son of Widow Perry who, along with his mother and brother (Anonymous 93), allegedly robs and murders William Harrison. Anonymous 92 is brought to trial on these accusations, found guilty, and executed by hanging. (5-6)It was not long but this fellow with his mother (who as it now appears was a Witch) with his other Brother did determine to set upon this Gentleman, as he should come along upon the road to his habitation to take what money he had from him, and there was an opportunity fell out so that they had an occasion to put their wicked determinations into practice, as you shall hear; The Gentleman was coming home, and being not many miles from his intended iourneys end, this Widow Perry and her two sons met Mr. Harrison, who they no sooner espied, but they knockt him down and robbed him, and cast him into a pit whereout they digged stones. He did not long remain there, as you will hear by the sequel. But Mr. Harrison not coming home according to his usual custom, his Wife and Family were much troubled at it: Great search after some few days were made for him, but all to little purpose, for there was no tidings of him, but every one concluded that he was murthered upon the rode. It was not long before the Lord had brought to light this strange accident; for this widow Perry and her two Sons were suspected of the robbery, and they were all thre forthwith apprehended, and at the Assizes at Glocester about two years since, they were arraigned, condemned and executed for the supposed murther of Master Harrison()