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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Michael StevensA man from St. Osyth in the county of Essex, the father of Martha Stevens, and described as "Michael, the shoemaker." Stevens claims to have heard from her own roommate that Annis Glascocke was a "naughtie woman, and a dealer in witchcrafte." This may be the reason he came to suspect, according to Ursley Kempe, that Glascocke had bewitched his daughter, Martha (via one of her spirits). Glascock was charged with bewitching Martha Stevens to death, found guilty, but remanded. She is still in prison as of August 2, 1582. (Cv)The Examynation and Confession of Annis Glascocke, wife of Iohn Glascocke, sawyer, taken before me Bryan Darcey Esquyre, the xxiiii. of February. TThis Examinate beeing charged by Mychel the shoomaker, that a woma~, so~times fellowe with her in the house, shoulde reporte her to bee a naughtie woman, and a dealer in witchcrafte, denyeth that she knewe anye such woman, or that any such speaches were vsed vnto her.()