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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John GauleA man from London, who describes various witch testing techniques; who claims that normal animals can become possessed and become witches familiars; and who suggests that imps might approach witches. Thomas Addy accuses John Gaule of having allowed himself to be seduced into believing false information about witches. John Gaule is also a minister.(79-80)For (they say) within that time they shall see her Impe come and suck; a little hole is likewise made in the door for the Impe to come in at: and lest it might come in some lesse discernible shape, they that watch are taught to be ever & anon sweeping the room, and if they see any spiders or flyes, to kill them. And if they cannot kill them, then they may be sure they are her Impes. If this be true, how should it trouble us, that an invention or practise of so much folly & superstition should arise amidst so cleare a light of the Gospell? But as to the killing of the Imp, let mee further inform them, that if the Imp be of a wafted & condensed ayr, it cannot be killd, because it never had life: But if it bee a very Cat or Dogge, &c. only possessed with the Devill, it may be kild: And I have heard a Committed Witch confesse, that she kild one time her dog, another time her Cat (both her imps) for going out & doing so much mischief against her wil. ()