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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Jane StrettonJane Stretton is a young woman of about twenty years old from Ware in the county of Hertfordshire, who is allegedly afflicted and tortured by witchcraft thought to be caused by a cunning man (Anonymous 487) and his wife (Anonymous 322). During her fits, Stretton is "forced to live like a chameleon, on air" and also endures vomiting of "flax and hair and thread-ends and crooked pins; while blue, whit, and red flames came in the intervals out of her mouth, and her body was continually slashed and cut with a knife, and imps in the shape of frogs, and toads, and mice forever haunted her." The worst pain of her fits come from her back, as it often feels she is being stabbed. Upon making Jane Stretton's bed, a knife is found, but no one knowns how it came to be there. Although medicine is applied to her, it only seems to aggravate her condition. Jane Stretton is often described as quite innocent and trusting. Her fits begin when she accepts drink from Anonymous 322, and when she provides a pin to the same woman, but neither time did she link her fits to Anonymous 322. These fits last some nine months, during which she cannot eat or pass stool, only being able to consume syrups. Her condition causes many people from other villages to come and visit her and observe "the wonder" of her condition, that she may survive on so little sustenance. (Image 5 - Image 6)About a week after the same woman comes again and desires a pin of her, (by small means great mischeifs may be perpetrated) the silly maid mistrusting no mischeif, as not intending any, bestows one on her, when on a sudden her fits waxed far more violent then before *** Her body swells like a bladder puft up with wind ready to burst, all her members were distorted, and as it were put in the wrack: going to the next Meighbours, her head being intoxicated by the violency of her fits, she falls down against the door and beats it open, lying in a deplored spectacle of pitty, tormented any one would have thought enough for the satisfaction of the most inveterate malice.[...] Her fits increased more violently, the last time the woeman saw this Maid she sounded away, and lay for the time as it were deprived of life, after the recovery of this sounding fit, her senses being in part recovered, yet her body still remained as infirme as before; In six months space she neither eat any thing, nor avoided any excrements, for where the cause is taken away, the effect must needs cease [her father] removed her to the house of one John Wood a Neighbour of his, yet not without such provision but that she had continual attendants both night and day by her Friends and Relations, who now at last began to distrust that her sickness proceeded from more then an ordinary cause. ()