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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Deborah PacyA girl from Lowestoft in the county of Suffolk, known to be the daughter of Samuel Pacy and sister to Elizabeth Pacy, who was allegedly bewitched by Rose Cullender and Amy Denny at the age of nine; she was too sick to attend their trial. Her father claimed in his deposition that her fits started with lameness, and progressed to extreme pain in her stomach and shrieking at the very moment Samuel Pacy refused to sell Amy Denny herring for the third time. After that time, Deborah was afflicted with a variety of fits, in which she would be unable to breathe, have a soreness in her entire body, be lame on one side, become deaf, dumb or blind, or cough pins and nails. During these fits, she is said to have seen apparitions of Cullender and Denny, to have been tormented by their imps, and to have been threatened by them with torments ten times worse if she told what she'd seen or heard. Denny allegedly made her able to speak the name of Satan or the Devil, but would not permit her to say Lord, Jesus or Christ. While in the care of her aunt Margaret Arnold, Arnold suspected her to be faking and removed all pins from her clothing, but she nevertheless continued vomiting pins; Deborah would claim that bees had forced the pins into her mouth. Arnold also alleged in her deposition that Deborah would see things Arnold could not, catch them and throw them in the fire.(15, 17)As concerning Elizabeth and Deborah Pacy, the first of the Age of Eleven Years, the other of the age of Nine Years or thereabouts[.] [...] Deborah the younger Daughter was held in such extream manner, that her Parents wholly despaired of her life, and therefore could not bring her to the Assizes. ()