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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Samuel PacyA man from Lowestoft in the county of Suffolk, known to be a merchant, who gave deposition in court accusing Amy Denny and Rose Cullender of bewitching his daughters, Elizabeth and Deborah Pacy. Samuel Pacy alleged that Deborah's fits started when he refused to sell Amy Denny herring; the fits first manifested with lameness, and progressed to extreme pain in her stomach and shrieking when he refused Amy Denny the third and final time. Deborah is said to have cried out that Denny was the cause of her fits, for which Pacy charged Denny with witchcraft in October 1663 and had her thrown in the stocks. Shortly thereafter, Pacy's daughter Elizabeth also became afflicted, and both girls now claimed to see Denny and Cullender's apparitions during their fits. Mary Chandler alleged in her deposition that Pacy had charged both Cullender and Denny with bewitching his daughters in February 1664, resulting in a warrant for their examination. The morning after Denny and Cullender received a guilty verdict, Pacy claimed that his daughters had been restored to health within half an hour of the convictions.(18-20)Samuel Pacy a Merchant of Leystoff aforesaid, (a man who carried himself with much soberness during the Tryal, from whom proceeded no words either of Passion or Malice, though his Children were so greatly Afflicted,) Sworn and Examined, Deposeth, That his younger Daughter Deborah, upon Thursday the Tenth of October last, was suddenly taken with a Lameness in her Leggs, so that she could not stand, neither had she any strength in her Limbs to support her, and so she continued until the Seventeenth day of the same Month, which day being fair and Sunshiny, the Child desired to be carryed on the East part of the House, to be set upon the Bank which looketh upon the Sea; and whil'st she was sitting there, Amy Duny came to this Deponents House to buy some Herrings, but being denyed she went away discontented, and presently returned again, and was denyed, and likwise the third time and was denyed as at first; and at her last going away, she went away grumbling; but what she said was not perfectly understood. But at the very same instant of time, the said Child was taken with most violent fits, feeling most extream pain in her Stomach, like the pricking of Pins, and Shrecking out in a most dreadful manner like unto a Whelp, and not like unto a sensible Creature.()