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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Ann DurentA young woman from Lowestoft in the county of Suffolk, known to be the daughter of Edmund Durent, who was allegedly bewitched by Rose Cullender after her mother refused to sell Cullender herrings. According to Edmund Durent's deposition, Durent was afflicted with great pain in her stomach like the pricking of pins, fell into swooning fits, and upon recovery claimed that she had seen an apparition of Cullender which threatening to torment her. She was also said to have vomited pins, was rendered speechless in court, and was observed to fall into violent fits when brought before Cullender during the trial.(33-35)As concerning Ann Durent, one other of the Parties, supposed to be bewitched, present in Court. Edmund Durent her Father Sworn and Examined; said, That he also lived in the said, Town of Leystoff, and that the said Rose Cullender, about the latter end of November last, came into this Deponents House to buy some Herrings of his Wife, but being denyed by her, the said Rose returned in a discontented manner; and upon the first of December after, his Daughter Ann Durent was very sorely Afflicted in her Stomach, and felt great pain, like the pricking of Pins, and then fell into swooning fitts, and after the Recovery from her Fitts, she declared, That she had seen the Apparition of the said Rose, who threatned to Torment her. In this manner she continued from the first of December, until this present time of Tryal; having likewise vomited up divers Pins (produced here in Court.) This Maid was present in Court, but could not speak to declare her knowledge, but fell into most violent fits when she was brought before Rose Cullender. Ann Baldwin Sworn and Examined, Deposeth the same thing as touching the Bewitching of the said Ann Durent.()