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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Jane BockingA young woman from Lowestoft in the county of Suffolk, known to be the daughter of Diana Bocking, who allegedly suffered fits at the hands of Rose Cullender and Amy Denny. She did not appear in court. Diana Bocking gave deposition instead, claiming that Jane had been afflicted with swooning fits, but recovered from them, only to have stomach pains some months later that progressed to further swooning and the daily vomiting of crooked pins. During her fits, she would spread her arms with her hands open, then make as if she had caught something; when her hands were forced open, they would be found to hold more crooked pins, or, once, a lath-nail. At other times, Jane would talk as if conversing to someone, but take no notice of anyone in the room with her. She would also complain that Cullender and Denny were standing at the head or foot of her bed, or elsewhere in the room. At one time, she suffered no fits but was stricken dumb for several days. When Jane regained her speech and asked for meat, her mother asked why she had been unable to speak, to which Jane answered "Amy Duny would not suffer her to speak." The lath-nail and pins were presented as evidence in court.(35-38)As concerning Jane Bocking who was so weak, she could not be brought to the Assizes. Diana Bocking Sworn and Examined, Deposed, That she lived in the same Town of Leystoff, and that her said Daughter having been formerly Afflicted with swooning fitts recovered well of them, and so continued for a certain time; and upon the First of February last, she was taken also with great pain in her Stomach, like pricking with Pins; and afterwards fell into swooning fitts and so continued till the Deponents coming to the Assizes, having during the same time taken little or no food, but daily vomiting crooked Pins; and upon Sunday last raised Seven Pins. And whilst her fits were upon her she would spread forth her Arms with her hands open, and use postures as if she catched at something, and would instantly close her hands again; which being immediatly forced open, they found several Pins diversly crooked, but could neither see nor perceive how or in what manner they were conveyed thither. At another time, the same Jane being in another of her fitts, talked as if she were discoursing with some persons in the Room, (though she would give no answer nor seem to take notice of any person then present) and would in like manner cast abroad her Arms, saying, I will not have it, I will not have it; and at last she said, Then I will have it, and so waving her Arm with her hand open, she would presently close the same, which instantly forced open, they found in it a Lath-Nail. In her fitts she would frequently complain of Rose Cullender and Amy Duny, saying, That now she saw Rose Cullender standing at the Beds feet, and another time at the Beds-bead, and so in other places. At last she was stricken Dumb and could not speak one Word, though her fitts were not upon her, and so she continued for some days, and at last her speech came to her again, and she desired her Mother to get her some Meat; and being demanded the reason why she could not speak in so long time? She answered, That Amy Duny would not suffer her to speak. This Lath-Nail, and divers of the Pins were produced in Court. ()