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Assertions for a specific person.

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Susan ChandlerA young woman from Lowestoft in the county of Suffolk, known to be eighteen years old and the daughter of Mary and Robert Chandler. According to Mary Chandler's deposition in court, Susan began to have fits after her mother was hired to search Rose Cullender for witches' marks. Rose Cullender allegedly appeared to Susan the morning after Cullender was searched, and took Susan by the hand, frightening her. Susan went immediately to her mother to report what she had seen, and became extremely sick to her stomach. The next day, she was afflicted with fits of extreme distraction, in which she cried out against Cullender, claiming Cullender came to her in her bed. In the intervals between fits, Susan alleged that she had seen an apparition of Cullender with a large dog. She also vomited crooked pins, and was at times struck blind or dumb. When brought into court, Susan allegedly fell into fits that prevented her from giving evidence; the only words she could get out were "burn her." After Cullender was pronounced guilty and sentenced to hang, Susan was the only person still afflicted, remaining thin and wan with a pain like the pricking of pins in her stomach.(38-42)As concerning Susan Chandler, one other of the Parties supposed to be Bewitched and present in Court. Mary Chandler Mother of the said Susan, Sworn and Examined, Deposed and said, That about the beginning of February last past, the said Rose Cullender and Amy Duny were Charged by Mr. Samuel Pacy for Bewitching of his Daughters. And a Warrant being granted at the request of the said Mr. Pacy, by Sir Edmund Bacon Baronet, one of the Justices of the Peace for the County of Suffolk to bring them before him, and they being brought before him were Examined, and Confessed nothing. He gave order that they should be searched; whereupon this Deponent with five others were appointed to do the same: and coming to the House of Rose Cullender, they did acquaint her with what they were come about, and asked whether she was contented that they should search her? she did not oppose it, whereupon they began at her Head, and so stript her naked, and in the lower part of her Belly they found a thing like a Teat of an Inch long, they questioned her about it, and she said, That she had got a strain by carrying of water which caused that Excrescence. But upon narrower search, they found in her Privy Parts three more Excrescencies or Teats, but smaller than the former: This Deponent farther saith, That in the long Teat at the end thereof there was a little hole, and it appeared unto them as if it had been lately sucked, and upon the straining of it there issued out white milkie Matter. And this Deponent farther saith, That her said Daughter (being of the Age of Eighteen Years) was then in Service in the said Town of Leystoff, and rising up early the next Morning to Wash, this Rose Cullender appeared to her, and took her by the hand, whereat she was much affrighted, and went forth with to her Mother, (being in the same town) and acquainted her with what she had seen; but being extreamly terrified, she fell extream sick, much grieved at her Stomach; and that Night after being in Bed with another young out, and fell into such extream fits as if she were distracted, crying against Rose Cullender; saying, she would come to bed to her. She continued in this manner beating and wearing her self, insomuch, that this Deponent was glad to get help to attend her. In her Intervals she would declare, That some time she saw Rose Cullender, at another time with a great Dog with her: She also vomited up divers crooked Pins; and sometimes she was stricken with blindness, and at another time she was Dumb, and so she appeared to be in Court when the Tryal of the Prisoners was; for she was not able to speak her knowledge; but being brought into the Court at the Tryal, she suddenly fell into her fits, and being carryed out of the Court again, within the space of half an hour she came to her self and recovered her speech, and thereupon was immediately brought into the Court, and asked by the Court, whether she was in condition to take an Oath, and to give Evidence, she said she could. But when she was Sworn, and asked what she could say against either of the Prisoners? before she could make any answer, she fell into her fits, screeking out in a miserable manner, crying Burnber, burn her, which were all the Words she could speak. Robert Chandler father of the said Susan gave in the same Evidence, that his Wife Mary Chandler had given; only as to the searching of Rose Cullender as aforesaid. ()