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Assertions for a specific person.

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Sir Thomas BrowneA man from Norwich in the County of Suffolk, known to be a physician and a well-known author, who was called on as an expert witness at the trial of Amy Denny and Rose Cullender. Dr. Brown opined that their victims had indeed been bewitched, and suggested that the fits experienced by Jane Bocking, Susan Chandler, Elizabeth Durent, Elizabeth Pacy and Deborah Pacy were menstrual hysteria amplified by the devil with the cooperation of witches.(44-45)There was also Dr. Brown of Norwich, a Person of great knowledge; who after this Evidence given, and upon view of the three persons in Court, was desired to give his Opinion, what he did conceive of them: and he was clearly of Opinion, that the persons were Bewitched; and said, That in Denmark there had been lately a great Discovery of Witches, who used the very same way of Afflicting Persons, by conveying Pins into them, and crooked as these Pins were, with Needles and Nails. And his Opinion was, That the Devil in such cases did work upon the Bodies of Men and Women, upon a Natural Foundation, (that is) to stir up, and excite such humours super-abounding in their Bodies to a great excess, whereby he did in an extraordinary manner Afflict them with such Distempers as their Bodies were most subject to, as particularly appeared in these Children; for he conceived, that these swouning Fits were Natural, and nothing else but that they call the Mother, but only heightned to a great excess by the subtilty of the Devil, co-operating with the Malice of these which we term Witches, at whose Instance he doth these Villanies.()