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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Ann SandeswellA woman from Lowestoft in the county of Suffolk, known to be the wife of Cornelius Sandeswell, who gave deposition against Amy Denny in court. In her deposition, Ann Sandeswell claimed that she had bought geese from Denny, but Denny destroyed them when Sandeswell did not come get them fast enough for Denny's liking. Sandeswell also alleged that Denny was a tenant of her husband Cornelius shortly after the incident with the geese, and during her tenancy caused a new chimney to fall down; furthermore, Denny caused Sandeswell's brother to lose a quarter-barrel of fish she had requested into the sea.(55-57)As concerning Amy Duny, one Richard Spencer Deposeth, That about the first of September last, he heard her say at his House, That the Devil would not let her rest until she were Revenged on one Cornelius Sandeswell's Wife. Ann Sandeswel Wife unto the above-said Cornelius, Deposed, That about Seven or Eight Years since, she having bought a certain number of Geese, meeting with Amy Duny, she told her, If she did not fetch her Geese home they would all be Destroyed: which in a few days after came to pass. Afterwards the said Amy became Tenant to this Deponents Husband for a House, who told her, That if she looked not well to such a Chimney in her House, that the same would fall: Whereupon this Deponent replyed, That it was a new one; but not minding much her Words, at that time they parted. But in a short time the Chimney fell down according as the said Amy had said. Also this Deponent farther saith, That her Brother being a Fisherman, and using to go into the Northern Seas, she desired him to send her a Firkin of Fish, which he did accordingly; and she having notice that the said Firkin was brought into Leystoff-Road, she desired a Boatman to bring it ashore with the other Goods they were to bring; and she going down to meet the Boat-man to receive her Fish, desired the said Amy to go along with her to help her home with it; Amy Replyed, She would go when she had it. And thereupon this Deponent went to the Shoar without her, and demanded of the Boatman the Firkin, they told her, That they could not keep it in the Boat from falling into the Sea, and they thought it was gone to the Devil, for they never saw the like before. And being demanded by this Deponent, whether any other Goods in the Boat were likewise lost as well as hers? They answered, Not any. ()