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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Patrick SimpsonA neighbouring minister who comes to see Christian Shaw. (12-13)And on the 12th. of Ianuary it being the turn of Mr. Patrick Simpson a Neighbouring Minister to be there; when he came he found the Minister of the Parish, and the other who was to joyn with him absent upon Necessary Occasions, yet resolved to carry on the Work with the assistance of three Elders and some other good People that were present. When he first saw the Damsel he found her under some lesser Fits which came and went off quickly: she was quiet and sober during Prayer, but in time of singing the 93 Psalm she fell into a sore Fit, of greater continuance, first Laughing, then making a sound like Singing, after that pulling her head-Cloathes over her Face, and lastly turning so outragious in her Motions that her Father could scarce hold her till the Fit abated: After her Recovery she was quiet and composed all the time of Prayer, and while the Minister Lectur'd on Mark 9. from 14. verse to the 30. was very Attentive, carefully looking for the Scriptures quoted, and so continued till the Religious exercise was ended, and sometime after, when she acquainted the Company that she had something to tell which she heard some among her Tormentersay; but durst not reveal it; upon which the Minister and her Mother urg'd her to be free and not to obey the Devil, but before she got a Sentence fully pronunced in her Mothers Ear, she fell into a violent Fit, so as her Mother and others could scarcely hold her till the Violence thereof began to abate, and then her Mother told the Company that she was speaking of a Meeting and a Feast her Tormentors had spoken of in the Orchard of Bargarran, but was able to say no more.()