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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Lord BlantyreA man who is appointed by King James II (along with ten others) to look into the problem of witches and witchcraft in Renfrew and oversees, for one, the case of Christian Shaw.(23-24) February 5th. A Quorum of the Commissioners being met at Bargarran, and the Persons then Accused by Elizabeth Anderson to have been at Meetings with the Devil, and Active Instruments of the Damsels Trouble, Viz. Alexander Anderson her Father, Agnes Nasmith, Margaret Fulton, Iames Lindsay, alias Curat, Katharine Campbel, were all of them Confronted, with Christian Shaw, before the Lord Blantyre, and the rest of the Commissioners, and several other Gentlemen of Note and Ministers; and Accused by her as her Tormentors. And they having all severally Touched her in the Presence of the Commissioners, she was, at each of their Touches, seiz'd with Grievous Fits[.]()