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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Jane WalterA woman from East Basham in the county of Norfolk, who was allegedly bewitched. Her tongue is found tied "in her Head with a Hempenstring." As well, she is "run full of Pins." She sometimes suffered from around twenty fits a day and it was thought that the cause was a toad (Anonymous 236) believed the be Teechle's wife's familiar, which would creep into her lap on several occasions. When it was offered to burn the toad, the familiar disappeared.(7)Jane Walter of East-Basham near Feaknam in Norfolk, who was Bewitched for a long time, her Tongue was tied in her Head with a Hempenstring, and run full of Pins, and she had many strange Fits, sometimes 20 or more in a day. The primitive cause, as it is supposed, was by a Toad, which offered to creep several times into her Lap, the which was thought to be the Familiar of one Teecle's Wife, a suspected Witch; for they took the Toad, and offered to burn it, and it vanished away, that none knew what became of it.()